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Audio standardization

The audio standardization component can automatically gain the input audio file so that the loudness or peak loudness of the audio is on a unified standard. At the same time, the file format, sampling rate, bit depth and other characteristic parameters are unified to facilitate subsequent processing.

Multi-channel separation

The multi-channel separation component can quickly separate a single multi-channel audio file into multiple mono audio files, which is commonly used when dealing with dry human voice.

Vocal/instrument separation

The vocal/instrument separation component can separate the vocal elements and instrument elements in the song separately, and the separated vocals can be used as a pitch reference for dry pitch correction.

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The amazing features of AFPT are inseparable from some very good open-source projects

Audio decoding and encoding


AFPT's audio decoding and encoding relies on the open-source project FFmpeg. FFmpeg is a complete cross-platform solution for recording, converting and streaming audio and video. It provides a wealth of encoders and decoders for AFPT.

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Vocal/instrument separation

OpenUnmix / Demucs

AFPT's separation of vocals and music relies on the open-source project OpenUnmix and Demucs. OpenUnmix and Demucs are source separation engines, it can separate the tracks of different instruments from the mixed sound, it provides support for the separation of vocals/instruments for AFPT.

Learn more - OpenUnmix Learn more - Demucs


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